City of Parramatta Case Study – Animation

By October 30, 2018 video
City of Parramatta Case Study - Animation

Animation is quickly becoming a staple and successful marketing tool for businesses in the modern market. It’s limitless creativity and flexibility means it can always be moulded into something new, fresh and personalised towards a business’s message and aim. Animation also provides the opportunity to create content beyond the boundaries of live action video, helping videos stand out on social platforms and websites.

Interview with Santiago, Art Director & Motion Graphics Artist

1. What was the brief for this project?

The City of Parramatta wanted a full animation video to talk about environmental behaviours and how people can contribute with little actions to improve the ecosystem health and sustainability.

We suggested to use images from their stock with real places and real people along with motion graphics, to show people from Parramatta actively involved in protecting the environment.

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2. How did you use animation in the videos to communicate the client’s message?

In the first animated video we produced, the brief told us to make sure that we address the audience as “we”, to make sure everyone is included and to show that as a community everyone is connected.

So, we built the first video around that concept, which worked well for all the videos for Parramatta as they talk about the community as a whole, all connected and working together for the greater good of the city.

We represented this concept using motion graphics with a continuous line that shows a connection between people and spaces in Parramatta. We also included the images to, which worked well with this environmental video because it shows how our actions are connected to others and places.

3. What do you think are the benefits of using animation in video?

Animation is great for communicating a concept. It is also more appealing for social media.