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Did you know that 72% of people would rather use video to learn about a product or service? Video has become a powerful marketing tool to engage and communicate with audiences.

In a world of fast-moving media consumption, going above and beyond to promote your organisation or project is a necessity. Corporate video production, when done well, can be a highly effective tool to inspire, educate and inform your target audience. As a video production company, Laundry Lane Productions strives to ensure you can connect more effectively with your audience across a range of digital touchpoints.

Our corporate work encompasses a variety of clients and industries, ranging from Hays Recruitment & Walker Corporation to Northrop. 

We’re excited by the unique demands presented by each project, and the opportunity to apply our knowledge across a wide range of technologies and content mediums. No matter the challenge, Laundry Lane Productions strive to help clients creatively and informatively illustrate their business message.

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Benefits of working with a Video Production Company in Sydney

With the increasing prominence of video in the corporate sector, it’s important to recognise that viewers engage more effectively with visual stimuli –retaining 90% of video messaging compared to only 10% of what they read. Thus, adopting visual content strategies is essential in facilitating engagement with a corporate audience.

Videos can impact your business through educating both internal and external clients, showcasing your profile and services, as well as promoting company messages.

1. Corporate videos let you reach your target audience in an engaging way.

Every individual member of your target audience has preferences as to how they want to be reached. Whilst text-based content such as blog posts and white papers are important prefer audio-visual content is a must with many people consuming corporate video content on their phone or other devices. By creating corporate video for website and social media you will not only increase your audience reach but also further engage your existing clients.

2. Corporate videos make your Google search rankings better.

According to inbound marketing site Hubspot, 97% of marketers say video has helped increase user understanding of their product or service. All of this is thanks to Google’s implementation of videos in the search results page. Google has been continuously tweaking the search results page to incorporate video content. Most of the time, videos are at the top of the search results, even higher than the first web link. You can capitalise on this by creating videos that are useful for your target audience.

3. Your target audience loves information that is easy to digest.

The primary purpose of a video is relay important information. Whether it’s to showcase your company’s products and/or services, recruitment of talent or for internal communication such as on-boarding or training, utilising a video production company for your content can provide information in an easy-to-digest form. With more and more individuals wanting to view information in a few minutes, a corporate video is the best way to communicate.

4. Corporate videos are easy to share.

With the interconnectivity of different social media networks and video sites, it only takes one button to share a video with friends, acquaintances, colleagues and social media connections. If your video is interesting enough to your target audience, they will share them on Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook or even their own blogs.

Potential Impact of Video Marketing for Corporations

The development of increasingly digital content distribution means corporate video provides a platform to engage your audience online.

Video’s inherent accessibility increases the availability of demonstrative learning in the workplace, such as employee training videos, which can effectively illustrate best practices and educate broad audiences.

Studies also show video is beneficial to SEO and increases media traffic – with audiences spending significantly more time on webpages with video content that those without. Thus, as an important part of modern marketing strategies, utilising a video production company for your corporate video can assist in the targeting of specific demographic markets  and promotion of your business’ message and services – helping YOU stand out.

How will we produce corporate video that your clients will want to watch?

In order to create compelling and engaging content that your clients will want to watch, Laundry Lane implements extensive experience as a video production company to develop corporate video strategies which may include a range of media – from short, striking content that sparks viewer interest and fosters brand recognition, to more in-depth and educational formats.

Additionally, animation and motion graphics can further aid in making your business stand out from others in the field. Animation obsolesces the limitations of live action video production – meaning you can illustrate your message in a completely unique, informative format.

Phases of Video Production


A strong concept is essential to creating an engaging video. As an accomplished video production company, we develop video content as part of innovative marketing strategies – discussing how to best illustrate your business message. Once the creative side is articulated, we facilitate the development of script, location scouting, casting, equipment, crew, and shot lists, to ensure everything is in place to construct effective content.


With cinematography expertise that’s taken us from Sydney to all over Australia, Laundry Lane utilises state of the art equipment to suit the challenges of each project. The carefully planned video production phase brings together the crew, talent, props and location in order to capture the content needed for an effective corporate video. Material for elements like motion graphics, animation or voice-overs will also be produced in this stage.

Post Production

Our innovative post production phases involve a professional standard of editing, coloring, cutting and organizing the footage captured. We focus on retaining the informative quality of your videos whilst keeping them engaging and eye-catching. To achieve this, our corporate videos can often include text, motion graphics, animation, or 3D animation, which will be combined with the final product in this process.

Ready to create your own Corporate Video Production?

Video production Sydney based agency, Laundry Lane Productions is a group of passionate filmmakers, animators, editors, writers and producers that are ready to take on your corporate video production needs. Our unique approach is to fully understand the needs and demands of your project and work in collaboration with you to create “video with heart” – video that creates connection by focussing on real people and genuine emotion.

Corporate Video Production Sydney
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