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Laundry Lane is a creative collective of film makers, animators, editors, motion graphics experts, writers and producers all committed to making ‘video with heart’. Led by Will and Alexandra Cordukes, we bring together a passionate team of creatives, tailor made for the demands of each project.

Will Cordukes - Producer and Director, Laundry Lane Productions


Producer & Director, Laundry Lane

Will Cordukes has a diverse skill base with over 20 years experience as a marketing and communications specialist. With a passion for content and video, Will launched Laundry Lane in 2010.

As well as skills in communications, production and strategy, Will is an experienced interviewer and has the ability to tap into the relevant and human side of an interview which supports natural, passionate and honest responses. Will’s strategic skills combined with his creative understanding delivers engaging video that aligns with the clients objectives.

Will graduated from UNSW in 1991 with a Bachelor of Commerce (Marketing)

Alexandra Cordukes - Director, Laundry Lane Health


Director, Laundry Lane Health

Alexandra Cordukes joined Laundry Lane as a company director in January 2015. Through her work in health communications and with NGO’s, Alexandra has been responsible for bringing about significant awareness, growth and change to charities such as Hamlin Fistula Relief and Aid Fund and The Mirabel Foundation.

Alexandra is on the board of Beehive Industries – a social enterprise supporting disadvantaged seniors and people with disabilities. Alexandra’s strong focus in health communications and her passion for health education has led to the launch of Laundry Lane Health.

Alexandra holds a Masters in International Public Health.

Alex Amour - Videographer and Editor


Videographer & Editor

Alexander has long had a passion for filming and storytelling. He completed his Bachelor’s Degree in Television Production at Charles Sturt University before working at Channel 9 News for three years as a Camera Operator and Editor. Alexander is highly competent in directing talent in a multitude of situations including interviews, pieces to camera, live crosses and overlay.

From his experience working in a news environment, Alexander has learnt to be quick on his feet and is capable of producing high quality content under extremely tight deadlines. This deadline driven role gave him the ability to multitask and work efficiently as part of a team.

Since joining Laundry Lane Alex has filmed videos for ASIC, Aftercare, Department of Jobs & Small Business, NSW Health, Cancer Institute NSW, University of Sydney and Safe Work Australia.

Jessica Horgan - Producer



Jessica  is a video producer / interviewer, story editor and journalist. Jessica’s main focuses are on storytelling and humanising the subject/s of each video. During her time with Laundry Lane she has had extensive experience producing case studies, social media videos and motion graphics/animations. Jessica’s travels inter-state regularly for Federal Government clients. Her creative abilities and organisational skills complement each other well to generate innovative content in an efficient and professional manner.

Jessica’s key clients include ASIC, Aftercare/Headspace, Attorney General’s Department, Royal Commission into the Detention and Protection of Children in the North Territory, Sydney Trains, City of Parramatta, Australian Digital Health Agency, Department of Jobs & Small Business, NHMRC, Cancer Council Australia, NSW Mental Health Commission, Safe Work Australia and Comcare.

Jessica has a BA in Communications (Journalism) from The University of Technology, Sydney.

Santiago Dutil - Art Director and Motion Graphics Artist


Art Director & Motion Graphics Artist

Santiago heads up creative and design at Laundry Lane. In addition to his expertise in motion graphics, his portfolio of work includes large scale projects for TV, broadcast design, advertising, after effects and post production, cartoon animation and explainer videos. The videos he produces not only engage the eye of increasingly discerning modern audiences – they also deliver the message effectively.

Santiago is a motion graphics animator with over 16 years experience in the field. For the five years prior to joining the Laundry Lane team, he taught motion graphics at the University of La Plata, Argentina and ran his own animation studio.

Santiago has extensive experience across all aspects of motion graphics design and has worked on large projects for TV, advertising, motiontracking, cartoon animations and explainer videos. He brings a wealth of experience to every project.

Since joining the Laundry Lane, Santiago has worked on projects for Department of Foreign Affairs & Trade, Attorney General’sDepartment (Stay Smart Online and RoyalCommission into the Protection and Detention of Children in the Northern Territory, Comcare, Department of Jobs & Small Business, Transport NSW, Sydney Trains, City of Parramatta, North Sydney Council, Spinal Cure Australia, Australian Digital Health Agency, Cancer Institute NSW, Royal Flying Doctors Service and Northrop Engineers.

Nicolas Maksaev - Multimedia Specialist (3D and Motion Graphics)


Multimedia Specialist (3D & Motion Graphics)

Nicolas has worked for over 8 years as a 3D and Motion Graphic artist doing all kind of projects including Animation, Composing, VFX, Web Design,

Photography, App Development, Brand Development, Graphic Design and much more. Nicolas has a Bachelor in Multimedia Communications, specialising in Audio & Visual Post Production.

Nicolas founded and ran a multimedia agency in Chile from 2009-2010 (4 Dimensions Group) that involvedall aspects of Motion graphics as well as SEO, Social Media Management, Marketing, 2D and 3D Animation, Web Design and Programming.

Nicolas joined the Laundry Lane team in August 2017 and has since worked with clients including Australian Digital Health Agency, Infratech, Comcare, Cancer Institute NSW, Modulus, Sydney Trains, Northrop Engineering, 33 Creative, Department of Jobs & Small Business, Drawn from Experience, NSW Health, Safe Work Australia, Royal Flying Doctor Service, Australian Digital Health Agency and Nepean Blue Mountains PHN.


I have worked with Alexandra and Will on four video projects over the past two years and each video they have produced has been fantastic. In particular the video they collaborated with us on for our 25th Anniversary. It accurately, respectfully and emotively portrayed our clients stories and brought to life the importance of the work and programs that STARTTS does with refugees.They brought out the best in our refugee clients through their sensitivity, understanding and compassion and made the process easy for everyone involved. I would highly recommend them.


Laundry Lane completed a complex video project for us in late 2013, creating a series of 16 induction videos. Will brought a high degree of professionalism to the project and was able to advise us and help us navigate unchartered territory in a way that ultimately made the project seem easy. The videos were received extremely well within Primary Health Care and I would have no hesitation in recommending Laundry Lane to other organisations.


Laundry Lane has provided video and production services for Cancer Council’s national fundraising events for the last 2 years. Their work has included scripting and developing social media messages for viral campaigns, through to patient and organisational case study stories and longer ‘how-to’ videos.

Filming cancer patients during the many different stages of treatment can be a challenging job and Will always handles the task with creativity, sensitivity and compassion.

Will’s humane approach brings out the best in the subject and Laundry Lane has been invaluable in creating an emotional connection between viewer and subject. Their authentic storytelling has enhanced the work of Cancer Council and helped raise awareness of our cause.

No job is too big or small for Will and his team and they have often gone over and beyond the original scope to bring us the best story. Laundry Lane has worked with a wide variety of subjects for Cancer Council, from 5 year old cancer patients, through to CEO’s, Federal Members of Parliament and our celebrity ambassadors including Michael Clarke and Stephanie Rice.

As a not for profit organisation Cancer Council works to modest budgets and Laundry Lane always accommodates our scope of work and covers the brief within budget.
I would strongly recommend Will Cordukes and Laundry Lane for their video production and storytelling services.


I couldn't recommend Laundry Lane more. This is a fantastic small business, which is professional, helpful and demonstrates genuine care and attention in their work. Not only did they bring ideas to the table, that supported our vision in the creation of a range of videos, but they also brought sensitivity to interviews on difficult topics and a strong knowledge of research and health issues. I've made several videos with Laundry Lane now and I always enjoy the experience of working with their friendly, warm and fun team.


Right now there is so much video content out there. At laundry lane we believe a video needs passion and authenticity at its core if it is to shine through.


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